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1 2007 syndicates
4371 0.092244
2 2010 Events
644 0.354433
3 Call for Abstracts
Submit an abstract
1728 0.045644
4 Call for Judges form
Offer to peer review a paper
1258 0.034293
5 Extra events
World journalism education congress, parallel and evening events, book launches
1338 0.025088
6 Final programme
WJEC final programme
7265 1.176963
7 Journal editors
by invitation journal editors meeting, World Journalism Education Congress
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8 Journals list
4976 0.336418
9 Panels at WJEC
Panel discussions at World Journalism Education Congress
1793 0.078848
10 Plenary sessions
Plenary sessions at World Journalism Education Congress
1341 0.028672
11 Program structure
1202 0.11021
12 Research Presentations
Research session presentations at World Journalism Education Congress (provisional document, 12 April 2010).
2679 0.059392
13 Research syndicate
Background on the syndicate group dealing with research
4422 0.015746
14 Roundtable journal editors
4156 0.044623
15 Syndicate report backs
When syndicate groups report back over two conference sessions
4482 0.050326
16 Syndicates
Syndicate groups, World Journalism Education Congress
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17 WJEC Panel call
Submit a proposal for a panel
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