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WJEC-2 will entail a great mix of plenaries with Highway Africa, separate plenaries, panel debates, research presentations and syndicate groups. Here's the Final Programme!

Grid of WJEC structure

Details on sub-components are here:

(Some of the above are joint sessions with the parallel Highway Africa conference)

There will also be parallel offerings:

  • Leadership workshop for j-school administrators organized by Paul Parsons (presented by the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication)
  • A student work showcase (with a focus on Africa)
  • Exhibitions and publication launches

The evening programme will include joint activities with Highway Africa entailing awards ceremonies and public viewing of Fifa matches.

Meetings by invitation only will include:

  • Journal editors - organized by Arnold de Beer and Herman Wasserman (Tuesday 7.30-8.30am) (List of journals)
  • WJEC book project - organized by Robyn Goodman.

A day-long meeting of the World Journalism Education Council (delegates from 28 organizations) will be held on Sunday, July 4, 2010, the day before the conference begins.

Structure of the syndicates:

  1. Each delegate will sign-up for a syndicate topic.  Each theme team will feature a moderator and a Scholar Leader. The Scholar Leader will prepare a briefing paper in advance laying out the issues associated with the topic and serve as an expert resource. Introduction of participants and preliminary discussion of the topic will begin.
  2. Over two meetings, the syndicates will do the main body of their work, entailing discussion and recommendations. After the session, the Scholar Leader and volunteers from the syndicate group will start to write the syndicate report. Time permitting, the Scholar Leader will circulate the draft to other members of the syndicate for review.
  3. On the third day, each syndicate will issue a brief written report on the topic along with an oral report to the WJEC delegates at the final session. Syndicate reports will then be published on the WJEC website and beyond.

SYNDICATES ON OFFER! Please sign up for ONE of them

Details on the Research syndicate group; And for teaching social media (group 2 iwth Mindy McAdams and Julie Posetti). Robyn S Goodman has written an article on what the 2007 syndicate groups came up with.

The groups will report back to Plenary according to a schedule