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Ways to take part: PDF Print E-mail

You'd like to join the action? There will be many opportunities to network and contribute to proceedings.

The deadlines are now closed for presenting and judging research papers, and for volunteering for an expert panel. BUT if you missed that boat, don't worry. All sessions will be structured to allow for maximum audience participation. There are three syndicate sessions where everyone will be encouraged to insert expertise into task groups that are developing positions on burning questions. Luncheons will have tables set up for people interested in particular themes.



You can also bring examples of your student work or your own publications. Significantly, you will ample access to be able to blog and twitter about the debates to your people back home.

You could be a passive spectator if you wish - but this is an event designed to generate social capital from attendees!

If you have submitted an abstract for a paper, you can expect to hear by end January if it's accepted for presentation. If so, please work on the full paper at the WJEC itself - maximum length 6000 words. Completed papers are due by April 30, 2010. The congress is a time to debate original and cutting edge research into journalism education and media issues, to global colleagues who can give you high-level feedback.