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Course material for the Highway Africa workshops, presented by Izak Minnaar (SABC), Dr Julie Taylor (Google) and Jackie Rajuai (Google) on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 July 2010:

Presentation by Andrew Bangs from YouTube in the Highway Africa plenary on Tuesday 6 July on

Training and Industry Changes
# Documents Downloads Size MB Created Modified
1 Bridging the gap: How media houses and higher learning institutions can learn from and with each other. Reflecting on the importance of (academic) journalism education for the development of professional journalism in young democracies
Swenja Kopp
3180 0.178387 27.07.2010 27.07.2010
2 Different strokes: Asian journalists’ online learning strategies
Violet B Valdez & Mercedes T. Rodrigo
1912 0.272381 27.07.2010 27.07.2010
3 E-learning as an alternative to physical expansion? Exploring the internet’s potential as a platform for teaching Broadcast Journalism in a developing world context
Kobina Ano Bedu-Addo
1878 0.251103 27.07.2010 27.07.2010
4 E-Learning in Journalism Education – Experiences of Students of the GIJ
Kodwo Jonas Anson Boateng
4962 0.095371 27.07.2010 27.07.2010
5 Putting pop into the classroom: Journalism Idol as an academic exercise and glimpse into the future of media
Kanina Holmes
2087 0.395831 27.07.2010 27.07.2010
6 The Emergence of Electronic Journals in Communication: A Comparison of Highly Cited Journals in Five Disciplines
Jody Bales Foote & Joe Foote
2388 0.098206 27.07.2010 27.07.2010
7 The role of the newsroom in the educational environment – a case study in experiential learning
Kathy Hilton
1864 0.221004 27.07.2010 27.07.2010
8 Why newsrooms should retain their senior journalists: mentoring through Legitimate Peripheral Participation
Marc Caldwell
1890 0.195842 27.07.2010 27.07.2010