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Next WJEC in Belgium, 2013 Featured

Written by  Guy Berger

Brussels is the venue of the 3rd World Journalism Education Congress, to be held in the European summer of 2013. The hosts are the European Journalism Training Association (EJTA) and the Flemish/Dutch Network of Journalism Institutes (VNOJ).

The WJE Council meeting in Istanbul in mid-2011 set parameters that the maximum registration price will be 350 Euros for the three-day congress, with tiers of payment dependent on the economic level of delegates’ home countries. There should also, said the Council, be a minimum of 30 scholarships for attendees from developing countries.

A planning meeting will be held in 2012. This will be hosted by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), as part of its centennial celebration. The venue is Chicago, and dates are August 9-12, 2012. The AEJMC will provide complimentary conference registration to all WJEC member representatives as well as hospitality for a one-day meeting. (Meanwhile, see recent articles compiled for the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication on WJEC 2010 by Robyn Goodman and Joe Foote).

The WJE Council also encouraged journalism educators to use World Press Freedom Day in 2012 as a venue for launching bilateral discussions between journalism programs internationally. During 2011, a number of schools took advantage of the day to organise similar activities (see story below).

3 MAY: WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY is a way to keep our international relationships thriving in between tri-annual congresses.

Take a moment during April 2011 to identify and contact a counterpart in a different country, with the aim of planning a symbolic link-up on World Press Freedom Day, 3 May. This is an initiative that's won letters of support from two prestigious international bodies who recognize the importance of our sector: UNESCO and Wan-Ifra (the global publishing industry).

We suggest that you:

  • Check the WJEC census to locate an interesting counterpart -  see
  • Then connect across North-South boundaries, even spanning language differences.
  • Possibly involve your students in multi-lateral emails or Skype dialogue with their counterparts elsewhere.
  • Do a distance-mediated joint seminar, or just share the top three issues around press freedom in your mutual environments.

Let's evolve this collaboration into the equivalent of an annual Earth Day observation, and help put global journalism education into practice on a sustained basis.

Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and we'll publicise them here. And when the council of the WJEC meets during the IAMCR in Istanbul (July 13-18), we can celebrate the achievement.

Other news: WJEC convenor Joe Foote says of the 2010 WJE Congress: "There was a special spirit there that I hope still remains with the delegates.  It was a great week for journalism education from the plenaries to the syndicates to the individual conversations". Proposals for the next WJEC will be considered in mid-2011, at the IAMCR conference in Istanbul (July 13-18). IAMCR is offering a 50 Euro discount for the official WJEC delegates (one to an organization) who attends the meeting.  The IAMCR website is

In 2010, Joe Foote also responded on behalf of the WJEC to a solidarity request by South African educators who are facing strong pressures on press self-regulation and information transparency, writing a letter to the SA president. A total 19 South African schools published a statement in the local  press on the matter, and many organised activities around this. Rhodes itself convened a colloquium on 16-17 October 2010 which was attended by representatives from 18 South African j-schools - with key policy-makers as respondents. The colloquium statement highlighted the value of academic research in the context of a polarised debate. Eight papers from the colloquium have now been submitted to a special edition of Ecquid Novi: African Media Studies.

In a meeting at the AEJMC conference in Denver in August 2010, several exciting ideas were put forward as possible WJEC activities between now and 2013:

  • Extend the existing WJEC global census of journalism schools to include providers beyond than higher educational institutions (see

  • Encourage journalism schools worldwide to use the same census to identify a foreign partner institution and link up the different students on World Press Freedom Day, 3 May (a date that is recognized and commemorated annually by UNESCO, the World Association of Newspapers and the World Editors' Forum.

  • Read the report on WJEC 2010, and an article that was published in Journalism and Mass Communication Educator.

Coverage of the final day of the WJEC and Highway Africa is now online in a special online edition of "Open Source", the daily newsletter of the conferences. There's a great photo of Archbishop Tutu and a vivid accompanying story on the front page of the pdf. See him also on (and other WJEC videos)

You can also find the earlier editions online: Day 1 - Monday 5 July, Day 2 - Tuesday 6 July, and Day 3 - Wednesday 7 July.






Caption: Archbishop Tutu closed WJEC by signing the Declaration of Table Mountain on African press freedom.

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