Thursday, 08 July 2010 12:31

WJEC ends on a positive note

Written by  Stephen Manso Frempong

The closing session of the World Journalism Education Congress took place at the Eden Grove Red lecture theatre on Wednesday afternoon. The Chair for the plenary was Guy Berger, Head of School of Journalism and Media Studies Rhodes University, South Africa. After brief introductory remarks, he gave the podium to Joe Foote, of World Journalism Education Council for the reportback on WJEC 2.

He took a census of all delegates from the various continents, and by way of acknowledgement, all delegates responded by standing. He then congratulated all on their contributions in research paper presentations, panel discussions, syndicate discussions and all other sessions towards the success of the conference. He announced that the next WJEC conference will be in 2013 and thanked all for a job well done.

Chris Kbwato, Chairman of Highway Africa, reported back on the conference. He commended the Chair, Guy Berger, for his sterling contributions and strength in organising the event. He thanked the sponsors for their contribution in making the event a success and delegates for effective participation.

Jane Duncan, did the reportback on the Digital Citizens'l Indaba. She was full of praise for the organisers for yet another round of exposure of digital technology to participants.

Nomasonto Ndlovu, a speaker from South African Tourism, made a presentation of the tourism industry and then invited delegates to South Africa Tourism dinner and market at Kaif Lawns, Bantu Steve Biko Student Union. The closing plenary ended with a vote of thanks.

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