Wednesday, 07 July 2010 14:40

Research paper session: Training and Industry Changes (Skills and e-Learning)

Written by  Stephen Manso Frempong

Four papers were presented under the thematic area – Training and Industry Changes. The Discussant for the session was John Cokley who doubled up as the Chairman. The venue was the AMM Seminar Room 102.  The first paper in the series was presented on the topic: Different strokes: Asian journalist’s online learning strategies. A co-author of the paper, Violet B Valdez, made a seminal presentation of the paper outlining the background, objectives, the research questions, and the methodology.

The major findings of the study included the following:

  • That online learning is beset with logistical constraints such as poor connectivity environment.
  • Major challenges include lack of access to constant electricity in some geographical areas, and computer knowledge- based issues.

The conclusion was that strategies to promote online learning have not really worked.

The next paper was titled: E- Learning in journalism Education- Experiences of Students of GIJ by Kwadwo J. A. Boateng. He provided a background to the paper by situating the challenges of traditional form of pedagogy and the use of online strategy as a supplement to promote good learning environment in Ghana.

Findings of the study included the following:

  • That the majority of students had challenges adopting the new technology.
  • In terms of cost benefit analysis, most students preferred traditional pedagogy to the modern one.

The conclusion was that there was the need to support infrastructural development to promote this modern way of learning.

The next paper was presented by Kobina Ano Bedu-Addo and the title was: E- Learning as an alternative to physical expansion: Exploring the internet’s potential as a platform for teaching Broadcast Journalism in a developing world context. In this paper, he explored the potential of using the internet facility to promote expansion in the admission of more students. The case study is the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

In his conclusion, he argued that this is a possibility if the right environment is created.

The session ended with the paper by Jody Foote and Joe Foote titled: The Emergence of Electronic Journals in Communication: A Comparison of Highly Cited Journals in Five Disciplines. The presenter was Jody Foote.

The conclusion was that there has been a dramatic increase in online subscription as reference material in many libraries in her university.

After the presentations, comments and contributions were made that brought to the fore the essentials for consideration by the various presenters.

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