Tuesday, 06 July 2010 15:46

Future of UNESCO Centres of Excellence

Written by  Boyomo Assala

During the WJEC, some delegates from UNESCO Centres of Excellence in journalism education met with M. Jayaweera, The UNESCO Director of Communication, to discuss about key issues on the future of the centres, mainly on:

  • Journalism curriculum and institutional capacity, including the adaptation of the UNESCO curricula, the problem of teaching resources and equipments and the assessment system;
  • Professional, public service, external activities and recognition including interaction and relations with professions, international networking and recognition (partnership), social participation and standings and other external orientations;
  • Development plan, strategy and institutional potentials including strategy, management and challenges.

The problem of the search to implicate media professional and individuals so as to increase the social awareness on the functions of the media and the conditions under which these functions can be fulfilled were also put on the table of discussion.  It was recognised that the encounter provided a great opportunity to put up all the experiences of the participants on the search of the different perspective of developing their centres.

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