Tuesday, 06 July 2010 15:42

Panel on new forms of journalism

Written by  Boyomo Assala

Under the chairmanship of Professor Brad White, professors Nonny de la Pena (Annenberg school of  Communications and Journalism) and Mindy McAdams (University of Florida) presented keynotes on new forms of journalism, a main purpose of which is to tell stories with very few words.

Examples were taken with the homicide interactive map, developed by The Los Angeles Times showing for instance 336 homicides  from Jan 1, 2010 to June, 28, 2010. The particularity of the map is that it readjusts  itself  in a graphical scheme with :

  • the names of the persons killed;
  • the circumstances of their death;
  • their ¬†age and sex.

The families of the dead persons or people who knew him can send some additional information to the blog so as to update the story of the death.

Pr. Nonny de la Penas  is known as a researcher who is trying to push forward the boundaries of journalism by combining news reporting and technology; the result of which is called immersive journalism. Pr. Mindy Mc Adams teaches online journalism.

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